New leaf

Ok, hands up, last year we were pretty useless at actually posting anything about our initial adventures on the high seas – one post saying there will be more to come and then nothing! Oops, sorry about that. Being now older and wiser, I realise we’ll never manage to catch up and add any in-depth content (“phew” do I hear you say?!)  about our travels last year. Probably better to accept defeat and just provide a very basic outline of where we went and what we learnt, and then hopefully we can focus on  turning a new leaf as active bloggers this year. 

So, where did we go in 2017? Despite our pathetic efforts at written content, we did actually manage to post some photos in our gallery that give most of the answer to that question. Posting photos was perhaps one of our ‘learnings’ – it took hour after hour to edit, select and post these and since good wifi was needed, and good wifi is rarely avaialble on a yacht, frustrations mounted far faster than our photos were mounted. However, technology is a wonderful thing and we have since discovered one of the many wonders of Google – Google Photos – where magically the lovely Mr Google does the job for you (or much of it at least), so hopefully we will now have a little more time for a little more writing. Our photo galleries last year came to a halt in  Ria de Vigo, shortly before we reached Portugal. We did actually sail on down to Lisbon, stopping a couple of times en route. Photo posting however ceased as much life ceased on board Midnight Breeze when I came down with opthallmic shingles, scuppering much of our fun, and not a pleasant experience for me or for poor Richard who had to cope with me being good for nothing except lying in the cabin groaning with pain! Our sister-in-law, Al and her partner Mikey, fortuitously for us, (perhaps no so much for them!) arrived for a visit and, both being ex salty sea dogs, helped us on an overnight sail to reach Lisbon, where we had the boat lifted out the water for the winter. 

Our return journey home to the UK for the winter certainly tested our love and devotion for our pooch – travelling back into the country with a with a wild rhino is probably easier than trying to return with one small dog. It also tested the love and devotion to us of our friends Anne and Martin, who met us in France, accommodated us in their lovely home and then ferried us back to dear blighty (with me still moaning in shingle pain and unable, in good vampire fashion, to go out in daylight hours).

Our 6 months at home went by in a flash, arriving just in time to welcome our first beautiful, adorable, and totally miraculous grandchild, Marley, into this world. Spending time with our family and friends was wonderful. Not so much fun was preparing the house for rental. How did we gather so much stuff after downsizing 3 years ago? 

So, 6 months on, here we are back, swaying gently with the waves, sun shining down on the decks, the smell of warm eucalyptus trees filling the air and the wind whispering invitingly in our ears, “come, sail with me, explore and discover, fill your senses with new and wondrous places. But don’t forget to write your bloody blog about it this time!”

Typically atypical

Most blogs about travelling in a sailing boat (as those who follow such matters will know) are written by well-organised people who provide regular, up-to-date posts about their experiences pretty much as they happen.

This blog isn’t like most blogs.

It’s written with what I like to think of as a little more hindsight, incorporating a broader perspective, providing a more rounded context, enabling a…..oh all right, we just haven’t got round to putting pen to paper yet.

So what can you expect from us over the coming weeks? There will certainly be descriptions of what we’ve seen and done and opinions of the places we’ve visited along the way. We will try to capture something of the cruising lifestyle and the transition from our old land-based ways. The occasional post will deal with some of the technical aspects of sailing and maintaining a cruising yacht. And we might even wax philosophical once in a while as we muse on the great questions of life, the universe and everything.

A heady mix indeed.

Stay tuned.