Typically atypical

Most blogs about travelling in a sailing boat (as those who follow such matters will know) are written by well-organised people who provide regular, up-to-date posts about their experiences pretty much as they happen.

This blog isn’t like most blogs.

It’s written with what I like to think of as a little more hindsight, incorporating a broader perspective, providing a more rounded context, enabling a…..oh all right, we just haven’t got round to putting pen to paper yet.

So what can you expect from us over the coming weeks? There will certainly be descriptions of what we’ve seen and done and opinions of the places we’ve visited along the way. We will try to capture something of the cruising lifestyle and the transition from our old land-based ways. The occasional post will deal with some of the technical aspects of sailing and maintaining a cruising yacht. And we might even wax philosophical once in a while as we muse on the great questions of life, the universe and everything.

A heady mix indeed.

Stay tuned.

2 Replies to “Typically atypical”

  1. Great conversations with Richard; an accommodating and informed mind, I gathered. Great meeting you and Caroline in Lisbon! Safe continuous travels.

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