The crew

We are Richard and Caroline, a couple in our mid-fifties (as of spring 2017) accompanied by Lyra, our trusting little dog.

Our sailing experience was not extensive before we set off on our adventure: several Mediterranean boating holidays (which gave us a liking for the lifestyle); pottering around the English East coast rivers in our own boat (where we learned how to repair things that break); a couple of trips across the North Sea to the Netherlands (which gave us a taste for slightly longer-distance adventure); and Richard’s trip across the Atlantic on someone else’s boat (where his mend and make do skills were put to the test more than once).

In fact, there was little time for gaining more experience and honing our skills once the decision had been taken to turn our dreams into reality. We put together a loose five-year plan in 2012 which involved downsizing our house to generate funds, helping our elderly parents move to more suitable accommodation and preparing the boat for long-distance cruising. This was in addition to our day jobs and family life (we have three children, at that time going through various stages of school, university, job-seeking and general life-building). Oh, and Richard’s still-to-be-realised bid for stardom as a key member of vastly underrated local rock band “The Persuaders”.

Eventually it all came together and we are out here cruising, gradually improving our competence at all things to do with living on a boat. There’s more detail of course, some of which will emerge in our blog posts, but in essence that’s how we got here. As to why we are doing it – well that deserves a treatise all of its own.